Zip File Fixing Tool for Windows 7

In this era, we find the need for exchanging the huge amount information between the system and for we make we make use of internet. Zip files are considered as the best files to transfer over the network, as they take minimum of time to get transferred. Because of their outstanding features, these files are extremely popular around the world. Files of different size and type can be encapsulated within a single file, which even help you to save the important memory space of the hard disk. Besides all these good and eye catching features Zip files at times make you lose all important data by becoming corrupt. Nevertheless, you can repair corrupted Zip files using Fix Zip tool with ease.

Suppose you are attempting to open a Zip archive using WinZip on your Windows 7 computer, but fail to do so. You might get bit worried about the data that was present in the WinZip file. If you are a regular user of computer, you will soon come to know that your WinZip archive is corrupted. The first question that comes to your mind after facing this problem is how to repair WinZip file on Windows 7. Don’t worry!! You can mend the damaged Zip file at your fingertips using fix Zip utility, as it is compatible with the Windows operating system.

Let find out some more factors that are responsible for corruption of the Zip file on Windows 7:

Nevertheless, these problems related to Zip corruption can be resolved with ease using fix Zip application. Fix Zip is built by the experience software designers and capable of mending corrupt Zip file in just couple of minutes. Tool examines the corrupted Zip file in just one complete scan and extract files and folders that are unreachable. You can repair Zip files on various hard drives like pen drive, memory card, external drive and other storage drive using this software. Just install the trial version of the tool and check out its specifications. With the help of this utility you can easily recover data from corrupted Zip file with ease.

Procedure to fix Zip file on Windows 7:

Step 1: Download trial version and install it on your Windows 7 computer. Now you need to select broken Zip file from the computer and click on repair button to start the process.

Zip File Fix on Windows 7 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Software takes few minutes to repair Zip and displays you the repair files and folders from damaged Zip.

Zip File Fix on Windows 7 - View Zip Files

Fig 2: View Zip Files.

Step 3: Click on "Select Folder" and select the destination path to save your Zip file. Finally click on "Save" button so that you can successfully save the repaired file.

Zip File Fix on Windows 7 - Save Files

Fig 3: Save Files