Comment Créer un fichier Zip dans l'iPhone?

iPhone is a famous mobile phone around the world for its amazing features. Everyone is familiar with the fact that this phone comes with very little memory space. If you want to store a large size files or folders on iPhone then it is good idea to compress them and create zip file or folders. By zipping folders on iPhone you can save a lot of memory space. Whenever you require these files or folders content, you can easily unzip and use it. When it comes to compress file or folders on iPhone you can achieve it with the help of inbuilt features but, this feature does not support compression of large size file. Hence, you need to use a specialized tool which is capable to create zip files on iPhone of large size. Remo MORE is such kind of tool which has capability to create zip file on iPhone with ease. Before we discuss about MORE let me quickly throw light on the advantages of zipping files on iPhone.

Zip file can contain more than one file in a single file and its size is much smaller than the total number of files it contains. In this way this helps you to upload large size data on Internet very quickly.  Zipping files on iPhone comes handy specially when you want to send a large file through email. You can send large sized file via internet. In addition to sending and receiving large amount of data via online, Zip files also saves a lot of memory space on your storage device. iPhone is a device which contains little memory space and storing large amount of data is not possible without zipping them. Whether it is collection of sweet memorable moments or favorite songs that you like most, you can compress it with the help of MORE and save a considerable amount of memory space.

Remo MORE is a tool which has ability to create zip file in just a fraction of second on iPhone. This tool uses standard mechanism of compression to create Zip file.  MORE suit has a very nice user interface which gives a special identity to it among the world wide users. It has a very robust and strong inbuilt algorithm which compresses the content of files in a very safe and secure manner.  The best thing about this software is that it does not modify the content of files being compressed. MORE is completely free of cost and simple in use, it does not require any specific competency to handle it.  It is result of hard work of highly qualified and experienced software developers. It has become buzzword in a very short span of time in the software market. This tool can also unzip the files on iPhone and other devices.  If you are looking for software for your iPhone which can Zip all your files together into single file then I would like to offer my sincere advice to go for Remo MORE. This tool is undoubtedly best compared to its contemporary counterparts.

Étapes à suivre pour créer des fichiers Zip dans l'iPhone:

Étape 1: Download and insatll Remo MORE software on your iPhone and then launch the tool. Then select Manage option from main screen and from next screen Compress Files option as shown in figure 1.

How to Create Zip File in IPhone - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Étape 2: From this screen select Create Zip option as shown in the figure 2.

How to Create Zip File in IPhone - Select Create Zip

Fig 2: Select Create Zip

Étape 3: Here on this screen you need to provide the name of Zip file and click on proceed as shown in figure 3.

How to Create Zip File in IPhone - Give  Name of Zip File

Fig 3: Give Name of Zip File

Étape 4: You have to select files and which you want to compress by selecting Locl File option as shown in figure 4r.

How to Create Zip File in IPhone - Choose Files to be Zipped

Fig 4: Choose Files to be Zipped

Étape 5: Once the files are selected this tool will start compressing files as shown in figure 5.

How to Create Zip File in IPhone - Compressing Files

Fig 5: Compressing Files

Étape 6: Once the process get finished, tool displays you the Zip file as shown in figure 6.

How to Create Zip File in IPhone - Zipped File

Fig 6: Zipped File