Fix Zip File after CRC Error

A ZIP file is usually a compressed file format which uses file extension .zip and it is introduced by WinZip. It makes use of an advanced compression and encryption methods in order to create or open compressed archive. ZIP Archive is the most widely used file format to store multiple files or folders as a single compressed file. Creating ZIP files of your huge multiple files can enhance the storage space on your hard drive and transmission time as well. It is also equipped with features like password-based encryption system.

But, at times you may not avoid the problems. Like all other files even your Zip file is prone to corruption or damage. This in turn makes the stored content unreachable i.e. you may not able to extract its content after ZIP file corruption. Amongst many causes that are liable for corruption of ZIP file, CRC error is the one which occurs most frequently. In case if CRC value of new ZIP file does not match with the compressed ones, then you won’t be able to extract  the contents of Archived file and instead CRC error is shown to the users. After this event, if you are thinking that how to fix CRC error in Zip file, then don’t panic there is a tool which is famous as fix ZIP file can easily repair ZIP file CRC error in a well proficient manner.

What is CRC error?

CRC is a technique by which one detects error in files transferred via digital network. It assists you to easily recognize any modifications that are made in the file being downloaded from internet. Along with each file a CRC code is sent to the receiver and this code is matched, if this code does not matches, then the condition is termed as CRC error. If this takes place, then you cannot extract your ZIP file content. Currently, if you want to fix ZIP file after CRC error, then as mentioned make use of fix Zip file utility that can easily repair ZIP file after CRC error just within a couple of minutes. This software solves all your queries on how to fix ZIP file CRC error.

There are numerous reasons why users come across with CRC error. Virus attack is one of the most frequent reasons where you may come upon CRC error. Virus or malware attack can alter the content of ZIP file in an ill manner which leads to CRC errors causing all the data in ZIP file inaccessible. Also, while uploading or downloading ZIP file from internet, if there occurs any type of interruptions, then it results in incomplete download of the file thereby making you to face CRC error. After this, if you want to fix ZIP file CRC error, then simply give a try for ZIP file fixer that very well knows how to repair ZIP file CRC error in just a few simple clicks of mouse. By making use of this repair toolkit, extracting broken ZIP file also becomes very easy along with repairing corrupted or damaged ZIP Archives.

Features of fix ZIP file tool:

You can easily fix ZIP file after CRC error with the help of this repair application. This software is built with advanced features, by using which you can simply repair Zip file CRC error. All types of ZIP file (32-bit, 64 bit) can be repaired by using this tool. It has the ability to repair large sized ZIP file more than 4 GB in size in just a couple of seconds. Once the repair process is finished, you can easily preview the repaired ZIP file content prior to repair process. It is compatible to fix Zip file CRC error on all versions of Windows OS i.e. Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 operating systems. Thus, tap on the link for complete knowledge This utility has earned a lot of appreciation across the world for its superb performance. Therefore if you are searching out for software to repair ZIP file CRC error, then do not hesitate in making use of ZIP file repair tool. It has a simple graphical user interface which provides you step by step guide on how to fix Zip file CRC error.

Steps for repairing ZIP file CRC error:  


Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the software and run the software. From the main screen, make use of “Browse” button to select the corrupted ZIP file that has to be repaired and then click on “Repair” button to fix ZIP file CRC error.

Fix Zip File CRC Error - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Soon after you click repair button software starts scanning.

Fix Zip File CRC Error - Repair Process

Fig 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repair process is completed, you can view the repaired ZIP file.

Fix ZIP File CRC Error - View Repaired ZIP Files

Fig 3: View Repaired ZIP Files

Step 4: Now, using “Save” option save the repaired ZIP file to your desired location on computer.

Fix Zip File CRC Error - Save Repaired ZIP File

Fig 4: Save Repaired ZIP File