Best Tool to Fix Corrupted ZIP

Corrupt Zip File Fixer

Unable to extract your Zip file? This can be a frustrating, as your Zip file might have contained, all the important files that are required to run your project. You might try out many thing, but hang on a minutes this kind of actions that are performed in frustration can make you lose your Zip file contain permanently. So what to do next? First, you need to stay calm and avoid performing any actions on your corrupted Zip file. This will remove the chance of data overwriting from your corrupted Zip archive and start the download of Zip file fixer. This corrupt Zip file fixer is a prominent application that can mend severely corrupted WinZip archives.

Because of increasing data, transfer needs more and more people make use of these files, as these are considered as the best files to carry different types of files and folder over the internet in a fast and secure way. These files allow you to group several files of various types and size in just one file and that too reducing the size of files to its one third of original data size. Zip archive files became like a boon to large data transferring needs, as with the help of these files large data is transferred in quick time, as compared to old times. On the other hand, these files won’t take much time in becoming curse by getting corrupted because of some logical reasons. However, you can still repair Zip archive and access your data using Zip file fixer. Before that lets observer some more factors that lead to inaccessibility of these files.

These are just few some the reasons that can corrupt WinZip file, if you like to know more in detail about how to repair WinZip file the just go through this link

However, corrupt Zip file fixer is a complete tool that provides best answer for your inaccessible Zip file. You can use this tool to extract damaged zip file with ease in just a fraction of seconds. It is loaded with the hi-tech recovery algorithm that is capable of fixing the brutally broken Zip file in just couple of minutes. Therefore it has become the most used and recommended software by the Zip users that includes professionals and non professionals. You can mend your Zip file on Windows 7 at your finger tips, as it supports almost all version of the Windows operating system. By downloading the trial version of the Zip file fixer you can come to know the functionalities of the software.

Simple steps to fix corrupted ZIP file:

Step 1: Install the downloaded free trial version of the software. Browse for the corrupted ZIP file using browse button in Welcome screen and select the corrupted zip file.

Corrupt ZIP File Fixer - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Once the fixing process is completed the software displays the content of the repaired ZIP file.

Corrupt ZIP File Fixer - View Files

Fig 2: View Files.

Step 3: You can save the fixed ZIP file by providing the destination path.

Corrupt ZIP File Fixer - Select Destination Path

Fig 3: Select Destination Path