How to Fix Corrupt Zip Archive?

Are you searching for a tool to repair your Zip archive that is refusing to get extracted? This can create lot of trouble as it is not just a folder but it is a bunch of files and folders that are compressed within it. Compressed files and folder might be vital to you and inaccessibility to those files and folder might make you go mad. Relax!! Just calm down you can easily fix your inaccessible Zip archives in few simple clicks with the aid of fix Zip utility.

Quick file transfer on the internet, saving disk space on system, encapsulating more than one file in just one single folder etc, these all features can be related with the Zip archives. Not just these, Zip files can also be used as backup of important files and folders. These files use zipped using high compression methods using WinZip tool. Because of all these qualities, professional and home users broadly use Zip files around the world. These files are saved with (.zip and .zipx) file format. Besides all these high sides, there are some downsides to it. Like, these can become unreachable and make you suffer data loss. Below mentioned are some of the causes for corruption of Zip files and know more about the WinZip repair at

Experts always advise you some points after archive corruption, such as never try to open again and again the same file after damage, avoid scanning for the suspicious data from corrupt Zip archive, avoid making any kind of modification to archive extension etc. Apart from this most of the professionals, suggest you to make use of read only kind of software, therefore fix Zip utility is read only type of software and repair corrupt Zip file, as it is free from data overwriting. Tool performs a smart scan of the broken Zip archive using the advance scanning engine and pull out the inaccessible files and folders from the broken archive in single scan. With the help of this software, you can fix ZIP file after CRC error on all versions of Windows system with utmose ease and accuracy.

You can efficiently repair broken Zip file on Windows 7, as it supports almost all higher version of Windows. It’s easy to use GUI help a non technical users to mend the severely corrupted Zip archive on its own. You can save the repaired Zip archive on your computer and to your desired destination folder. Moreover, you can also use this tool for recovering of data from corrupted Zip file; you find more information from this link:

Steps to perform WinZip repair:

Step 1: Install the downloaded demo edition of the application. Select the corrupted WinZip archive from the computer and click on repair button.

Fixing Zip Archive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Soon after you click repair button software scan start the repair process

Fixing Zip Archive - Repair Process

Fig 2: Repair Process

Step 3: Once the repair process get finish, tool displays you the repair files and folders from WinZip archive.

Fixing Zip Archive - View Archive Files

Fig 3: View Archive Files.

Step 4: You can save the repaired WinZip archive using save button. For which you need to specify the destination folder.

Fixing Zip Archive - Choose Destination Folder

Fig 4: Choose Destination Folder